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What is “Shredabilly”?

Greetings, Everyone

Welcome to my brand new website Shredabilly.

My first blog is really just an explanation of the title Shredabilly.

Many of you who’ve seen me perform with my band The West Side Winders
know that I combine roots/Americana styles with a more modern, hard rock approach to guitar playing. I love rockabilly, blues and jazz but I also grew up listening to Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

My thought was that rockabilly and early rock n roll was really a blending of styles. Pro guitar players were brought into sessions for guys like Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, etc. These guitarists came from the world of jazz/swing, country and blues and so that was what they drew from but also with a strong dose of attitude and swagger.

Most modern rockabilly artists also accept surf guitar as part of the approach.

So why not add more?

My contribution was adding some of the flashy “shred” techniques of many modern hard rock and metal guitarists.
A couple of my friends began calling it “shredabilly” and that was it.

So I’ve decided to make it my brand. My specialty, if you will.

I still enjoy and play in a variety of styles for various projects but “shredabilly” is the one thing I have in my trick bag that is all mine. At least for now.

Talk to you again soon.
Rock on!!